Here you’ll find a list of some of our most asked questions about the Behaviour Hubs programme. If you don’t see your question listed here, please get in touch through our Contact Page and we’ll be happy to answer your enquiry.

  • What is a Partner school? What is a Lead school?

    A Partner school is a school that has joined the Behaviour Hubs programme because they wish to improve pupil behaviour and implement a strong and sustainable behaviour culture. A Lead school is a school with exemplary behaviour practices that helps Partner schools to implement lasting whole school culture changes by providing tailored one-to-one support.

  • What is the deadline to apply to become a Partner school?

    Whilst there isn’t a deadline as we take on a new cohort of schools each term, we do review applications and make offers as they come in to start in the next cohort. Therefore we recommend you apply as soon as you can to secure your place in the next cohort.

  • My school is a Special or Alternative Provision school, is the programme for us?

    Absolutely! We have specialist modules for Special and Alternative Provision schools and Lead schools from these sectors who provide tailored one-to-one support and Open days.

  • Can my school apply to become a Lead school?

    We are not currently accepting applications for Lead schools.

  • Who are the current Lead schools on the Behaviour Hubs programme?

    For a list of our current Lead schools and MATs, please click here.

  • How long does the programme last for?

    Behaviour Hubs is a one-year programme for schools (with the option to extend for a second year, if needed) and a two-year programme for MATs. During this time, Partner schools under the core offer will be expected to dedicate between 12 and 20 days to the programme. Partner schools under the extended offer will be expected to dedicate between 20 and 40 days, and MATs under the multi-school offer will be expected to dedicate 22 to 30 days to the programme.

  • Does the programme cost anything to join?

    No. The Behaviour Hubs programme is fully funded by the Department for Education (DfE) which covers all training and support provided to schools throughout the duration of the programme. Schools will receive a sum of money at the end of the programme to contribute to staff time and expenses, which will vary according to which stream the Partner school is on.

  • Which members of staff at my school can be involved in the programme?

    We ask that each school applying to join the programme puts forward the names of three members of staff within their senior leadership team. This might include the headteacher or principal, deputy head, a head of year or department, or another senior member of staff. Engagement with the programme can be spread out among these members of staff where appropriate.

  • My school isn’t based in England – can I still apply?

    Unfortunately, no. Since Behaviour Hubs is fully funded by the DfE, only schools based in England are eligible to take part in this programme.

  • I have another question that I'd like to ask

    We’re always happy to hear from schools or MATs that have a question. Please use the contact us form, or email us (behaviourhubs@educationdevelopmenttrust.com).