FAQs for Behaviour Hubs

Here you’ll find a list of some of our most asked questions about the Behaviour Hubs programme. If you don’t see your question listed here, please get in touch through our Contact Page and we’ll be happy to answer your enquiry.

Applying to join Behaviour Hubs

About the programme

  • What is a Partner School?

    A Partner School is a school that has joined the Behaviour Hubs programme to receive support with implementing an effective and sustainable behaviour culture.

  • Are schools made to join Behaviour Hubs?

    No. Although schools might receive a recommendation to join Behaviour Hubs, the programme operates entirely on a self-referral basis. Schools choose to apply for support themselves, and are considered on this basis alone.

  • Does the programme cost anything to join?

    No. Behaviour Hubs is fully funded by the Department for Education which covers all training and support provided to schools throughout the duration of the programme. Schools also receive a sum of money at the end of the programme to contribute to staff time and expenses, which will vary according to which stream the Partner School is on.

  • Which members of staff at my school need to be involved in the programme?

    We ask each school that joins the programme to put forward the names of three members of staff within their senior leadership team. This might include the headteacher or principal, deputy head, a head of year or department, or another senior member of staff. Engagement with the programme can be shared amongst these members of staff, where appropriate.

  • My school isn’t a mainstream setting – is the programme for us?

    Absolutely! In addition to mainstream primary and secondary schools, the programme welcomes special schools and alternative provisions such as PRUs. Behaviour Hubs has several special and AP Lead Schools to support you, and our training includes specialist modules developed and delivered by experts within these sectors.

Our Lead Schools and MATs