About the Behaviour Hubs programme

The Behaviour Hubs programme offers a tailored support package aimed at improving behaviour in schools across England. It is a one-year programme (two years for multi-academy trusts) funded by the Department for Education, available to mainstream primary and secondary schools, special schools and alternative provisions.

Please note that Behaviour Hubs is currently closed to new applicants. However, we are accepting expressions of interest from schools and MATs wishing to join any potential future cohorts of the programme.

Behaviour Hubs helps senior leaders to create the conditions for an effective and sustainable behaviour culture throughout their setting. The programme matches Partner Schools or MATs, who apply to receive support, with a Lead School or MAT that has an exemplary track record in behaviour management. Our Lead Settings work in close collaboration with their Partner Settings, identifying opportunities to improve behaviour culture and develop new behaviour policies that will ultimately lead to improved pupil outcomes.

All schools and MATs receive a grant of up to £9,000 at the end of their time on the programme, with the amount of funding proportionate to the time commitment for each support stream. This funding helps to fund travel, expenses, staff backfill and the implementation of their new behaviour strategies.

Our support streams

Behaviour Hubs offers three support streams, depending on your setting and the level of support you require.

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Our expertise

The Behaviour Hubs programme is funded by the DfE and backed by a team of behaviour experts.

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What support does Behaviour Hubs offer?

Schools and MATs that join Behaviour Hubs receive behaviour support in four different ways:

  • Lead School support

    Central to the Behaviour Hubs support offer is the relationship between our Lead Schools and Partner Schools. Selected for their exemplary behaviour culture and track record working collaboratively with schools, Lead Schools provide one-to-one support tailored to each setting they are matched with. The level of one-to-one support provided by the Lead Setting varies depending on the stream. This support can include:

    • Diagnosing behaviour issues and auditing existing strategies
    • Defining new behaviour approaches that are suitable for the Partner School’s context
    • Developing an action plan to provide an implementation roadmap for these new behaviour strategies.

  • Training/CPD

    Throughout the first term of the Behaviour Hubs programme, our team of expert behaviour advisers leads a series of training modules for members of your SLT to attend. This includes:

    • Induction training which provides you with the formal foundation for the rest of the programme content
    • A series of essential virtual modules which are vital to the success of building sustainable behaviour practices going forward
    • Optional additional modules to support in specific areas such as attendance and punctuality
    • Specialist modules which are tailored towards behaviour in alternative provisions and SEND settings.

  • Open Days

    Our Open Days are exclusive to Behaviour Hubs participants, providing an invaluable opportunity to visit our Lead Schools across England and observe their behaviour culture in action. These events allow senior leaders to pick up ideas that could be adapted for their own setting and reflect on their own behaviour journey. Each Lead School runs an Open Day once per term.

  • Hub Networking

    At our termly Hub Networking events, Lead and Partner Schools come together to share their experiences and good behaviour practice. These events provide an ideal opportunity to network with your peers and reflect on common behaviour themes as well as goals.

“It was so enlightening to meet many other staff with the same issues, concerns and challenges. It made me feel that our school is not an island.”

Cohort 5 Partner School graduate

The Behaviour Hubs journey

The support of the Behaviour Hubs programme helps senior leaders to develop and launch new behaviour approaches that are tailored to their setting. The Behaviour Hubs journey is front-loaded; this ensures that schools receive the expertise required to implement change, as well as ongoing support to ensure these changes are sustainable.

Upon joining the programme, schools and trusts enter an audit phase where areas for improvement in the existing behaviour culture are diagnosed. Partner Settings then begin to develop new behaviour approaches and launch them, normally at the start of their second term on the programme.

Once implementation has begun, schools receive support to monitor the impact of their new behaviour approaches, updating their action plan throughout the rest of their time on the programme. Alongside this monitoring period, schools also receive access to resources designed by our behaviour advisers, Lead School Open Days, and exclusive Hub Networking events.


Who can join Behaviour Hubs?

The Behaviour Hubs programme was open to schools and academies in England with an overall Ofsted rating of ‘Good’, ‘Requires improvement’ or ‘Inadequate’ that wish to implement a sustainable behaviour culture. Please note that applications to join Behaviour Hubs are currently closed.

All Partner Schools welcomed onto the programme self-refer – senior leadership teams apply to become a part of the programme and benefit from the free tailored support provided.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from schools and MATs that wish to benefit from the support of the Behaviour Hubs programme.