Behaviour support for special schools and alternative provisions

Behaviour Hubs is an inclusive programme and has been developed with schools across all provisions in mind. We welcome applications from schools in the special and alternative provision sectors.

How is Behaviour Hubs tailored towards special and AP schools?

The programme uses a school-led approach at its core to deliver tailored one-to-one support and advice, aimed at helping you improve behaviour culture in a way that is compatible with your existing ethos.

When joining Behaviour Hubs, your school will be matched with a Lead School aligned to your provision. This Lead School has exemplary behaviour culture and has a demonstrable history of supporting schools across either the special education or alternative provision sectors. Your Lead School will then support your action planning, helping you to diagnose issues and achieve your behaviour goals.

We have compiled a list of our most asked questions that relate specifically to special and alternative provision schools below. You can also visit our FAQs page for a list of more general questions about the programme.



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For more detailed information about Behaviour Hubs, you can watch a recording of our webinar (30 mins) for special schools and AP settings, hosted by behaviour adviser John D’Abbro – recipient of an OBE for services to special education.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have Lead Schools from the special and alternative provision sectors?

    Yes – once on the programme, you will be partnered with a Lead School that supports your provision type. Since special and AP schools contend with many factors that are unique to these settings, it is important that you are matched with another special or AP Lead School.

    On the Extended stream, you will work closely with your Lead School and benefit from one-to-one support. On the Core stream, you work more independently but are still matched with a Lead School who you will visit. You will also receive support in developing your action plan. Regardless of which stream you are on, you will be able to visit a range of other schools.

  • How is the programme tailored to my school provision?

    Behaviour Hubs was developed to be flexible and account for the specific needs of each Partner School’s behaviour journey. There are specialist training modules for special and alternative provision schools, and each school receives bespoke one-to-one support from their Lead School which is developed around that school’s unique context and challenges.

  • Do the behaviour advisers on the programme have experience working in special or alternative provision settings?

    Our team of behaviour advisers is full of experience from across the education sector – and much of this experience has been rooted in the special and AP sectors.

    Notably, John d’Abbro OBE is the former Head of New Rush Hall Group and recipient of an OBE for services to special education; Marie Gentles OBE is the former Principal of Hawkswood AP Primary in London; and Jayne Lowe OBE is a former PRU headteacher currently supporting the Ministry of Justice on ‘Transforming Youth Custody’. 

  • Will we only network with other special or alternative provision schools?

    No – although you will network with other schools that match your provision, there is also significant value in networking with schools across other settings.

    As a Partner School, you will participate in a cross-provision network of schools that shares new ideas and behaviour approaches. You are also free to attend the open days of other Lead Schools on the programme to gain a different perspective from another school setting. 

  • How can I apply to benefit from the support of the Behaviour Hubs programme?

    To apply, please complete our short application form and we will be in contact once your application has been processed.