Our support streams

The Behaviour Hubs programme offers two different support streams to Partner Schools, designed to provide the right level of support as they improve their behaviour culture. A third stream specifically for MATs is also available.

Please note that Behaviour Hubs is currently closed to new applicants.

Core stream

SLT time commitment: 12-20 days

Funding upon completion: £3,000

The core stream is designed for schools that have had some success with implementing new behaviour approaches and are looking for additional support to continue improving their behaviour culture.

Schools on the core stream have access to our high-quality training, tools, resources and networking opportunities, and are able to visit our Lead Schools through their termly Open Days. Partner Schools will meet the Lead School they have been matched with at their Open Day, who will provide action planning support. Partner Schools will also have a follow-up call with their Lead School in term three to discuss their successes as well as any challenges that they are still addressing.

Extended Stream

SLT time commitment: 30-40 days

Funding upon completion: £9,000

The extended stream is designed for schools who would benefit from a greater level of one-to-one support, ongoing coaching and mentoring from their Lead School.

In addition to the support of the core stream, extended schools on the programme receive tailored one-to-one support from their Lead School based upon their requirements. This can include more intensive support with:

  • The initial behaviour audit
  • Action planning
  • Bespoke school training and CPD
  • Implementation of new behaviour approaches.

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MAT Stream

MAT exec time commitment: 22-30 days

Funding upon completion: £6,000 + £9,000 for the academy which receives Extended Stream support.

The MAT stream of Behaviour Hubs is a two-year programme and was designed for trusts that are looking to develop new behaviour approaches across multiple schools within their trust. MATs receive one-to-one support from a Lead MAT, as well as extended stream support for an academy within their trust.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from schools and MATs that wish to benefit from the support of the Behaviour Hubs programme.