Webinar: How DfE's Behaviour Hubs supports special & AP schools

Register: Tuesday 13th June, 4pm


Join us for a 30-minute webinar and Q&A session where you will learn how special schools and alternative provisions benefit from the support of the DfE-funded Behaviour Hubs programme.

Our speakers


Pete Hines OBE

Pete is the Headteacher of Perryfields Primary PRU in Worcester, one of the initial 22 national Lead Schools on the Behaviour Hubs programme.

Pete is a strong advocate for Quality First Teaching and the importance of building strong and nurturing relationships with all pupils.


Sarah Vaughan

Sarah is the Deputy Headteacher of Perryfields and leads on the Behaviour Hubs programme.

Sarah joined the Perryfields team in 2018 and is passionate about improving the life chances of vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. She shares her experience through training and supporting schools both in Worcestershire and further afield.


Claudia D’Agostino

Claudia is a Senior Education Adviser at Education Development Trust (EDT), the delivery centre for the Behaviour Hubs programme.

EDT is a registered charity that works with national and local governments, schools and partners to improve education and transform lives.

In this webinar you will:

  • Understand the offer for special and AP schools and how this support is tailored to your individual setting;
  • Hear directly from a Lead School about the collaborative relationship between Lead School and Partner School;
  • Learn how your school can join the Behaviour Hubs programme in September 2023 or January 2024.

Register your place below to join our live webinar and Q&A session.

Register: Tuesday 13th June, 4pm